Day 1: Meatloaf

Holy cow…no pun intended. I went into Pinterest and found a recipe that seemed good, not realizing the level of gross this ordeal would entail. 

I cannot emphasize how not okay this meal is for people wishing to:

A. Cook with their children

B. Maintain their dignity

C. Keep meat out of their belly buttons. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure this is a great recipe. I was just unprepared for what cooking actually requires. Did I mention I don’t normally cook? Ya, I’m pretty sure this was the first onion I’ve cut in my life, as I believe I would have remembered bawling and yelling “OH MY GOD” repetitively for 10 minutes. 

I’m 99.89% sure this type of dish was created by some frantic 1950’s housewife who truly believed meat and ketchup were the way to a man’s heart. Poor thing. 

Below you will find a link to the glorious recipe:

I found this recipe turns our very tasty, but too watery. I’ll have to figure out how to remedy that! Also, it’s a little too ketchupy. 



 Here’s a few helpful pointers:

1. If you’re trying to be healthy, please don’t eat this. I’m not one of those “meat is murder” people but this will kill you.

2. Cut your nails. You don’t want meat and egg in there.

3. Take your rings off. Please.

4. Don’t assume you have enough ketchup. This recipe calls for a Costco-sized ketchup. 

I know I’m really dissing this meal, however, I’m actually excited to figure out different ways to cook it. I substituted pork for ground beef due to cost, but it turned out too watery because apparently pork is too juicy. I’d like to try ground turkey. Also, I feel like cheese should be incorporated somehow. If I could make a healthy meatloaf, I would probably create world peace. Food for thought. 


I’m taking a stand.

That’s right; I’m “taking a stand”. Not another meaningless, although well-intended, New Years resolution. After all, it is the end of the year and this is typically when these patterns emerge.

“Oh, it’s January 1st guess I’m going to the gym five days a week and never eating another cookie again!”

No, thanks!

I’m vowing to try a new recipe every day for 365 days in a row. I don’t care if it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, second dinner, second breakfast, or midnight snack; but it has to be at least once a day.

Guess I’ll be back January 1st!