Day 27: Steak Cooking 101

Ok, folks. Prepare yourselves for the Jaaron (Jenn/Aaron) method of cooking a steak. I give Aaron credit on this one, because he did all the steak flipping this time.

Step Number Uno (That’s Step one for you non-Spanish speakers): Buy a steak. A little bit of fat and bone is not a bad thing. The meat will be tastier. Check the expiry, you know you’re too lazy to cook it the day you go grocery shopping. Don’t waste $25 worth of steak. 

Step Number Two: Cut up some garlic reeeaaaal small (I believe this is called mincing in the food world). Put that garlic in your frying pan or skillet (either will work and I’m not 100% sure they aren’t the same thing). Add some butter and heat up the garlic until it looks cooked. 

Step Number Three: Add the steak. Add Montreal steak spice to both sides of the steak. If you’re from a region of the world without Montreal steak spice, I’m sorry, you’ll have to use salt and pepper. Cool both sides around 2-3 min until they look pretty brown. 

Step Number Four: Take the steaks and throw them in a baking dish. Put them in an oven heated to 350 degrees Celsius. Cool until they’re to your redness preference. 


The perfect steak. 

Don’t mess this one up guys, it’s expensive. 
P.s. I didn’t take pictures because we ate it too fast. 


Day 26: Salsa Verde Crockpot Chicken

You know how I like my crockpot: especially when it means I don’t have to defrost my chicken before-hand. It’s the lazy cooks best friend. 

Here’s another crockpot recipe, with its only fault being that salsa verde can be hard to come by in Canada! We have this small Mexican market in town that we found it in, but we couldn’t get it in either Walmart or Save-On Foods. What a hassle. Still, I do love supporting local businesses, so if you are able to hunt down some salsa verde (Mexican tomatillo sauce), definitely try this recipe. Or,better yet, hunt down the ingredients to make it yourself! 

Our salsa verde is from a local company, and it was great.   

Added cracked black pepper and roasted garlic tomatoes instead of plain tomatoes. (Found it in Walmart). 
Made some wild rice for our burritos! I’ll add some refried beans, too.  

I cooked my chicken over night, for about 10 hours, so the chicken pulled apart very easily when it was done. It was perfect for our healthy, pulled chicken burritos. 

Definitely the best Mexican meal if you only want 20 minutes of preparation! 

Day 25: Pesto Ranch Slow Cooker Chicken

Well looky-looky. What do we have here?

A tasty chicken recipe…

‘Bout time.


I’m pretty excited for this recipe. It’s easy to prep, especially if you’re not making your own pesto, and made my whole apartment smell great. I did elect to use my own pesto, so thankfully my sous-chef made it for me. He added a lot salt and pepper, which really seemed to be the trick in making the homemade pesto taste like store quality. Don’t judge us, some things are better made by big companies (there’s gotta be a reason they’re still around). If you’re making your own and only have a blender, add the olive oil before you start blending. It really won’t do much without some liquid in there. Also, a splash of lemon juice is always nice!

I didn’t have any ranch powder mix, so I added a 1/4 cup of ranch dressing instead. I slathered the chicken breasts with the ranch, then added the 2 cups of chicken stock, threw some butter in, and finally covered the chicken in the homemade pesto before setting it to cook in my crock pot. I did cook my chicken for a bit longer, as they were frozen to begin with.


Honestly, I am so happy with this recipe and I would venture to say it’s my favourite chicken recipe. Give it a go! 

Zelda and Link:

Day 24: Easter Dinner

Ok, so I’ve been getting behind. Just a quick heads-up, days 19-21 were recipes from a magazine, so I have to write down the entire recipe here for you. That will come in a week or two, purely because I’m feeling lazy.

For Easter Dinner, which also coincided with my grandmother’s birthday, we made a loaded potato casserole, a slow cooker maple brown sugar ham, brown sugar and bacon green beans, and chocolate cake. (We also made a few things from a package, like gravy and yorkies, so we’ll pretend those never happened!)

 Firstly, the potato casserole wasn’t that fantastic. I should mention that I overfilled the dish, so it leaked all over the oven floor…and somehow leaked onto the kitchen floor, too. For that recipe, I would have to recommend adding waaaay more cheese than they recommend, as well as making sure you don’t fill your potatoes up to the brim.

 For the maple brown sugar ham, which we found at our local meat store, we actually had to chop the top off the ham. It was far too big to fit, but it was amazing. Definitely a recipe I’ll repeat over the years. Just a note, don’t cook it over the time recommended, because you can actually dry out the ham a bit (news to me!). The glaze is phenomenal and you’ll have meat left-overs for days.

As for the bacon and brown sugar green beans, I believe in you. Don’t use the recipe, just go with your judgement and add as much bacon and brown sugar as you see fit. There’s no wrong amount, unless your beans taste too healthy…then you’ve gone wrong and not even I can help you come back from that mess.

THE CAKE. Oh my gosh. I would like to mention using parchment paper tracings to line the cake pans is brilliant. If you’re just tuning into the baking and cooking world like I am, it’s tricks like this that really save the day. The cake isn’t too rich at all, which I usually fear with chocolate cake; however, the icing is very rich, so don’t apply it too liberally. You probably need 1/2-3/4 of the icing to actually ice the cake. I was feeling lazy and decided to make my icing in my mixer, but this made my icing way too smooth. It slid right off the cake. On another note, if you like super smooth-looking cakes, this is a great way to ice a cake if you are willing to transfer it to a clean cake stand.




Here’s links to all the recipes, I’d recommend all but the potatoes (I’ll try it again some other time):

Slow Cooker Ham with Maple Brown Sugar Glaze

Brown Sugar and Bacon Green Beans

Loaded Potato Casserole