Day 26: Salsa Verde Crockpot Chicken

You know how I like my crockpot: especially when it means I don’t have to defrost my chicken before-hand. It’s the lazy cooks best friend. 

Here’s another crockpot recipe, with its only fault being that salsa verde can be hard to come by in Canada! We have this small Mexican market in town that we found it in, but we couldn’t get it in either Walmart or Save-On Foods. What a hassle. Still, I do love supporting local businesses, so if you are able to hunt down some salsa verde (Mexican tomatillo sauce), definitely try this recipe. Or,better yet, hunt down the ingredients to make it yourself! 

Our salsa verde is from a local company, and it was great.   

Added cracked black pepper and roasted garlic tomatoes instead of plain tomatoes. (Found it in Walmart). 
Made some wild rice for our burritos! I’ll add some refried beans, too.  

I cooked my chicken over night, for about 10 hours, so the chicken pulled apart very easily when it was done. It was perfect for our healthy, pulled chicken burritos. 

Definitely the best Mexican meal if you only want 20 minutes of preparation! 


One thought on “Day 26: Salsa Verde Crockpot Chicken

  1. Monica P

    I had a bad experience with tomatillo sauce (apparently “Tacos & Beer” was a hole-in-the-wall that’s not the good kind) so I’ll have to try this out. Crock pots are the best!!


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