Day 27: Steak Cooking 101

Ok, folks. Prepare yourselves for the Jaaron (Jenn/Aaron) method of cooking a steak. I give Aaron credit on this one, because he did all the steak flipping this time.

Step Number Uno (That’s Step one for you non-Spanish speakers): Buy a steak. A little bit of fat and bone is not a bad thing. The meat will be tastier. Check the expiry, you know you’re too lazy to cook it the day you go grocery shopping. Don’t waste $25 worth of steak. 

Step Number Two: Cut up some garlic reeeaaaal small (I believe this is called mincing in the food world). Put that garlic in your frying pan or skillet (either will work and I’m not 100% sure they aren’t the same thing). Add some butter and heat up the garlic until it looks cooked. 

Step Number Three: Add the steak. Add Montreal steak spice to both sides of the steak. If you’re from a region of the world without Montreal steak spice, I’m sorry, you’ll have to use salt and pepper. Cool both sides around 2-3 min until they look pretty brown. 

Step Number Four: Take the steaks and throw them in a baking dish. Put them in an oven heated to 350 degrees Celsius. Cool until they’re to your redness preference. 


The perfect steak. 

Don’t mess this one up guys, it’s expensive. 
P.s. I didn’t take pictures because we ate it too fast. 


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