Day 32: Shrimp Cocktail 

Ok, so I threw a Game of Thrones themed party for Aaron’s 28th, and realized (last minute) that I had bought a shrimp ring that didn’t come with cocktail sauce. What’s the point of a shrimp ring without cocktail sauce?! 

So I looked up the recipe and was stunned to find out how simple it is to make, and how delicious. One of the perks of making it yourself is that you can control how spicy it is. I used only 2 TSP of horseradish, even though they say to add 3, and it was perfect! 

In case you were wanting to throw a GOT party yourself, here’s a list of stuff I made:

  • Ned’s heads: olives on toothpicks. 
  • Tyrion’s Shr-imp Cocktail
  • Hodor-itos: in case you couldn’t guess, it’s Doritos.
  • Sansa and Chips: salsa and chips. 
  • Cheddard Stark: Actually using cheddar is optional.
  • The Theon Greyjoy Special: Any type of sausage, but I bought smokies.
  • Dragonscale Cake (see Day 33 for instructions on that!)
  • Game of Thrones Cocktails (I’ll put that Day 34)


Here’s the recipe below:


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