Day 33: Dragonscale Cake

I want you to take a look at yourself in the mirror for a moment. What do you see?

 A nuclear physicist? 

A famous author?

An astronaught? 

A neurosurgeon?

A stay-at-home mom? 

If you answered anything but “fancy cake maker”, I’m going to recommend you put down the spatula on this one. This cake will break you. 

This is how mine turned out:

To put things in prospective, this is what the cake is supposed to look like: 

Now, I should have known better when they described the icing of this cake as a “simple decorating technique”, but I was naïve and innocent to the ways of cake making yesterday morning. Today, I am a changed woman, for I understand that the art of baking cakes is not always as simple as advertised.

To make my cake look presentable, I had to accept the following:

  • I would have to refrigerate my cake and icing multiple times throughout the process of icing my cake, due to warm weather.
  • The colour gels recommended to be used in the icing and cake batter will not get your cake anywhere near the right colour. I had to run to the store to get more regular food colouring, which I didn’t end up using in the end because I couldn’t figure out how to mix the red, green and grey frostings to look how she got them to look.
  • I got my entire kitchen covered in pearl gold dust, flour, and icing sugar.
  • I am a mere human, not a God of Cakes, and it is therefore ok that my cake is not a divine creation. 

Don’t get me wrong, this cake is  delicious. It’s heavy but refreshing, and the icing is really, really good. If you decide to embark on the wicked adventure of baking this cake, take note of these tips:

You can absolutely get the cake batter the right colour if you use liquid food colouring and not the gel that is recommended, it was just too late for me to correct it. 

And, If you buy a second tube of black colour gel, I’m sure you can get your icing the right colour.  

If no one knows what the cake is supposed to look like, then your cake will still look pretty cool. Plus, you’ll have left over gold dust for future creations. Super fun! 

N.b. If you’re looking for the colour gels and pearl gold dust, try the cake section at Michaels. 



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